First, my favorite topic: me 😀 . There is a nice summary of our RV lifestyle plans over at MSN Moneycentral smart spending blog. Since news outlets tend to echo each other, the I also saw links to the post on some of the RV sites. My reputation has started preceding me. Not a good thing since I just found out how to connect the generator to the coach — ooooh, so you plug the shoreline into that mysterious outlet in the electric compartment and then you got power, magical! 😛

That post caused a major traffic spike and hopefully some new readers looking for early retirement/financial independence strategies. Some people apparently do not like working. It can be statistically demonstrated as this graph shows.

So here are ten ways to retire, some of which I had not considered. I have started asking (prodding?) DW whether she would consider retiring to another country. Isn’t life to short to live in the same country for more than a decade? (I’ve lived in three, DW has lived in two). I’m thinking somewhere in the Caribbean (on a sail boat).

Here’s how taxation works. It makes for a nice bedtime story for the children 🙂

This is a very good post on financial freedom. I wonder why I did not see it earlier.

Finally, to get your blog fix, here is an eclectic bunch of carnivals I participated in since the last update: Humanity without Technology, Festival of Frugality, Balanced Living Carnival, and Carnival of Everything Finance. I’ve hired DW to run the carnival operations.