Believe or not, but the human body is perfectly capable of skipping breakfast without starving to death. If you are used to not eating breakfast, you will not feel hungry and your blood sugar will remain stable as long as you keep in an easy aerobic state.

Hence, unless, you’re going for a sustained aerobic workout that lasts more than 2 hours, you do not need to eat breakfast.

[Breakfast is important if you will be engaging in heavy farm labor during the day, but if you’re just going to push papers in an office or walk around and push buttons, then no way jose!]

Still, many feel the need to eat for social reasons and perhaps more are addicted by habit(*). Here I suggest a cheap and superior solution to all the sugary breakfast cereals. Simply use uncooked oatmeal, sprinkle some raisins on and nuts and seeds if you have—note that the main ingredient is oatmeal—and soak the mixture in water. You can cook this in the microwave if you prefer; I hate the taste of cooked oatmeal, so I prefer to eat it raw.

(*) If you are used to eating at certain times, your body will trigger an insulin response at certain times. If no food is forthcoming, your blood sugar will drop and you will be hungry/run out of energy…

Anyway, this is what I ate for years and what I still eat if I have something physically demanding coming up in the morning, like a 50 mile ride before I gave up on breakfasts.