In an effort to reduce the outgoing mass of garbage, this being a good proxy for measuring ecologic inefficiency and by implication, economic inefficiency, I have built a worm composting system out of two plastic totes.

I essentially followed the instructions I found on a website.

The two grey 10 gallon totes were $3.50 each (lid included) at the local walmart. We had to buy a 1/4″ drill to make the holes in the bottom. I assumed the size of these are critical since the worms eventually have to go through them. In retrospect it’s probably not that important. For the ventilation I used 3/16, which we already had. The worms we got on freecycle (the guy at local nursery was clueless). I dumpster dived for the newspaper, and the dirt I got from outside. To raise the working tote, I put it in the other tote on top of two beer bottles which I had emptied in advance 😀 I think the cardboard cover came from a moving box that had been left outside in the rain and thus was no good anyway.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this works. It is standing outside, so I worry slightly about the temperature, but we, that is, the worms should be safe for another couple of months.

Then we’ll have to think about making space to move it indoors.

Originally posted 2009-03-09 16:00:59.