1. Subscribe to the blog. Believe or not, stats are important when trying to reach out. Popularity has value and popularity in the eyes of others is question quantity. More attention is paid to the person who has 50,000 subscribers than the person who has 50 even if their ideas are equally good.
  2. “Like” my posts on facebook—if you like them. It seems to me that this number could be higher 🙂 If I have 3,600,000 pageviews and 900 posts, it is reasonable to assume that each post has been read 4000 times. Thus unless they all suck pretty bad, maybe more than 3 people would like any given post 😉
  3. Become a fan/follower on the ERE facebook page. This is where I post links to interesting ERE-related posts. It’s easier this way than to write those dreaded “weekly round-up posts”. Anything I post to fb will get automatically forwarded to my twitter account, so you could follow me there instead.
  4. Go through the reviews on amazon and vote on whether they were helpful or not. Most ranking systems suffer from the Matthew effect in that the most voted reviews are on top of the list and thus they’re likely to be voted on again which makes them stick even harder to the top.

Originally posted 2011-09-02 07:34:33.