Let me introduce the Early Retirement Extreme Wiki. There’s a link to it in the upper right corner of the blog.

While the blog does a fine job of presenting random ramblings about extreme early retirement and the book does a fine job of presenting the strategies and how to think about extreme early retirement, the specific tips, tricks, and tactics have previously been assumed to be more or less known already.

The forums have provided some assistance in gathering this, but often the same questions are reasked and reanswered every 6 months or so because it’s hard to dig through the forum archives(*).

(*) There are over 20,000 entries now!

Therefore having been “strong encouraged” to start a wiki to gather the encyclopedic for some time now, I finally caved in. I hope this was a good choice. I had a similar reluctance to starting the forums, but those turned out to be very successful and now have more posts each day than I can keep up with.

I hope the wiki will enjoy a similar success.

Follow the recent changes and additions here.