After about a month I hit the soft ceiling as expected. From now on it is going to be a slow grind of building muscle as all the neural gains have been maxed out.

I can currently do 8L+8R snatches with 24kg/53lbs eight times in 8 minutes. This leaves me with a break of about 15-20 seconds in between sets and it is pretty tough. It is also pretty close to my old power-capacity.

The weak point for the challenge is clearly my left hand grip. I have therefore been switching up the program by lifting heavier bells. Consequently, I can also do 8R and 8L snatches with the 32kg/71lbs KB, which is a personal record. Just one set though. I can also do 4 straight military presses with my right arm. That’s not a record for me though. I used to be able to do 5. The fun thing about this is that I am reminded how fun it is to be strong again. With the all around cross training I had almost forgotten. It is much easier to throw boxes and other heavy items around now.

In other news, I have been thinking of doing a self-supported marathon, that is, strap on a camel bak, fill up the 70oz capacity, add a couple water bottles in the main pack, and pick a time and day that is not too warm. Why not? The goal would be to finish faster than the Oprah-time(*). Actually, I’m just going to pick some out and back distance which around 26 miles and make up for any short fall by running around the block a couple of times, so the timing may not be exact.

(*) Yes, it’s a widely used benchmark. The time to beat is 4:29:20. To compare the marathon distance can be walked in about 7 hours.

Originally posted 2009-08-10 14:48:53.