Yesterday, I went to our RV space for the first time (DW has been there before). There is a 30A electrical outlet, three water faucets, and a sewer connection. More importantly, there is also a shed. Taking advantage of my highly scientific training, I used the theory of multiplication to calculate that the shed holds approximately 65 moving boxes. Now, I am done packing my books and they plus some other crap of mine fits into 4-5 moving boxes (still working on dumping the books I have). The question is whether DW’s stuff will fit into the other 60 boxes. We will find out today.

The other day we also went to Walmart and got some white water hoses, a pressure regulator, and a leveling set. Thus if everything goes well, we’ll be spending our first night in the RV today.

We still need to get rid of half of our furniture. If you live in the East Bay area (or are willing to drive), we have two book cases, a recliner, a queen size mattress, and a desk, we are willing to give away. Write me a mail to jacob at early…. com if you’re seriously interested.


So everything did not quite go according to plan. We did get to the place and we did manage to get water and shorepower hooked up. However, this morning I found out that the water pump has a leak. I also learned that the water pump is not essential if city water is present. Another thing I learned (from the very agitated maintenance guy) is that the concrete slab is not someplace to park that is level but is actually the patio. Who would have thunk it? Other than that we had some additional expenses: Runner rug to protect the carpet, a sofa cover, a sewer hose, a line monitor, and a replacement head for the pump, about $200.

We moved the water from the fresh water pump to the holding tanks to stop the leak into the plumbing compartment. This means that our holding tanks are kind of strained, and without the sewer hose, we did not want to get “trapped”, so we went home again.

It’s fun to be a homeowner 😀