We just sold the couch/loveseat and took a $200 hit on it. That is to say, we paid $300 new (reduced from $600 as if that means anything at all in a furniture store) and had it for, I think, no more than 3 years, so that is close to $100/year. Ouch!

This leaves us with a recliner, a queen size mattress, a large book case, a desk and an office chair.

Otherwise things are starting to look kinda empty around here. We, that is to say, DW is giving away a lot on freecycle. It is mainly her things that need to be packed now. Basically it’s a run against time (we’re moving in permanently on Friday or Saturday) and the volume of moving boxes.

Now the interesting thing is to see if any of the stuff that goes into storage will actually be used again. My guess is no based on the observation that much of the stuff that goes into the moving boxes comes out of closets and other boxes where it has been sitting untouched since we moved here.