Motivated by FB’s recent post on the lack of dreams in the pf blogosphere and how they, at least once they mature into full revenue generating eyeball rich advertising platforms, turn into repeated advice on how to use credit cards responsibly, clip coupons, get out of debt, and win at “Office”, while focusing less on the reasons why we use our knowledge of personal finance, I figured I should perhaps share what my dream is —

My dream is not really to travel. I have moved around too much already and I am sick of it; in fact my dream is to settle in a tiny (250-500 sqft) and practically self-sufficient off-the-grid (possibly self-built) (strawbale/cob/earthship?) house in a permaculture environment with an organic garden that provides 50-100% of our food, maybe have some chickens and rabbits and a cool dog (a pug, obviously, maybe of bulldog, because DW thinks they are awesome and much as I hate agreeing with anyone, I happen to agree with DW, voluntarily even 😀 ), a small workshop for fixing things and making crazy genius experiments like short wave radios and Tesla coils; possibly a combined business selling books or grandfather clocks; smart and interesting community of neighbors, who are not focused on the rat race, their property values, or accumulating money or toys, but say hello when you pass them in the street and who will give you a pound of sugar when you fix the flat on their bike — speaking of which, we would be able to walk or bike to the market and to the job and we wouldn’t have a car, but maybe we’d both learn how to ride a motorcycle (we’ve been talking about getting licenses). DW would be able to continue her career locally cleaning up the mess of the world. I would spend my time trying to save the world or at least prevent humanity from outgrowing the planet due to the “growth” fetish of the developed world. Mostly I would be writing and bringing people together from different fields (I seem to have a talent of some sort) and maybe doing invited talks from time to time.

How is personal finance related to this?

The first step was to become financially independent. That was the easy part and it is done. This mostly involved finding clever ways not to spend money, saving the rest, and turning it into income generating assets.

The next step is to become resilient and economically independent (the situation above) and implement it. This involves finding a place to live (Portland, OR?) and actually moving there, getting the start-up company running, and learning a bunch of new skills.

That is my dream. I won’t be bored.