It is interesting how valuation is sometimes determined by things other than value. For instance, if a reader agrees with an author the reader will say that the post is well written and vice-a-versa (*). So with that in mind (given that I like myself), here are my favorite posts for February 2008, hmmm 😉

(*) See reviews on for countless examples.

Here are my favorite posts of January
Here’s the stuff budget for February:

  • Outgoing: 15 pounds
  • Incoming: 2 pounds

Overall I got lighter and minimized my footprint by 13 pounds by donating some things to charity and selling a couple of books on amazon. The incoming 2 pounds. Well, that’s some bike apparel I bought even though I said I did not need any. Oh, the shame! But after wearing out the seat of yet another pair of slacks (the third within a year), I figured that a pair of bike shorts (actually it’s a long legged bib) would be a more economical solution. I also got some socks since my regular socks have been dying left and right for the same reasons.