On Friday December 28th 2007 I decided to move from blogspot to my own domain after having blogged for about 3 weeks. During the following month subscribers increased from 27 to 176 and I reached 10,000 unique visitors. As this is much more than I expected I have stopped setting small intermediate goals. Instead I’m going all out as advocated in the “S-curve“-post below.
Here’s a list of the posts that I wrote in January which I personally think are the most useful.

Useful tools

Two useful tools to align your behavior for early retirement

How to get wealthy and successful

Everybody seems to want this for some reason 😀

Saving money

… by not spending it.

How much do I need to retire early

One frequently asked question is whether 1 million, 2 million, … or even 7 million is enough to retire on. My answer is that it depends completely on the level of your annual expenses. Typically investments worth 25 times annual expenses is the minimum requirement. 30-35 is safer.


Is it the engine that is the problem?

Here are my favorite posts of December.

As always I am interested in knowing if there is anything anyone wants me to discuss. I am already working on a post about index funds and also on part IV of How I became financially independent in five years. Please leave a comment and tell me or send an email to “my first name” (hint: it’s five letters and begins with J) at earlyretirementextreme.com