I was just wondering if any readers would have some suggestions on what kind of tackle/bait/lure I should get to catch lake/reservoir stripers (live bait is verboten!). Naturally, I prefer to spend most of my money on fishing passes rather than equipment. I got a 6.5′ fast action medium power rod and a spinning wheel with 10 pound test.

In case anyone is interested in how this was financed, I bought the rod with money I made on our last two yard sales. I tried getting one on freecycle and I even tried finidng a used one on craigslist, but with no success. Apparently people keep their fishing rods until they die. The wheel I got from my grandmother when I was 12, my parents finally sent it to me. The line was also from garage sale money and I have to use the $40 I got from selling my very much neglected Warhammer40K army to get a California fishing license. This means I can spend around $5-10 on tackle/bait/lures, which is about what I have left from the yard sales, so what do you recommend?