Based on the comments, I know some of you have been reading along for years, since the beginning. I love comments. Feedback is the reason I blog. If I was blogging in a vacuum, I would stop right now. Writing without being read makes little sense to me. That’s just a personality thing, really, nothing wrong with writing personal diaries to maintain accountability or as a way to maintain an archive of one’s work.

Emails are also great even though I’m terrible at responding to them. This is typically because they tend to very long and thus I feel like they require an equally long response, which takes energy away from blogging. (I still read an appreciate them even if I don’t get back to you. If you really want a response, try again with a short mail 🙂 ).

Meeting people in person is the best part. I have met several for trips, lunches, and activities, which has been a lot of fun. We even had an ERE meetup last month. It was interesting how much we all have in common. It is perhaps not surprising giving the heavy selectivity that reading this blog must enforce. It is interesting because, at least for me, sharing goals and values with the average person is a condition that almost never occurs(!). We gotta have another meet up soon.

Controversial points (something that everyone can disagree on) typically get 50-75 comments, whereas surveys get 400-600 responses. Thus, I suspect some have also been lurking in the shadows preferring not to comment for whatever reason.

Here’s a chance t come out of the woodworks for the first time if you want to introduce yourself. Just leave a comment below and say hi.

If you don’t want to do that, I’d still be interested in how long you have all been reading along, hence the survey form below.

How long have you been reading Early Retirement Extreme?

Originally posted 2010-07-19 14:20:36.