This is what you should keep next to your bed (if you live in earthquake territory—the suggestions are good for fire as well though)

  • Crowbar or wrecking bar
  • Bath robe or similar “suit” that can be put on in two seconds.
  • Sturdy work gloves
  • Boots that can be put on in two seconds.

As a bonus you can also keep a small bag with real clothes. Make modifications accordingly. If you live on the second floor, keep a rope ladder.

Additional supplies should be kept somewhere else, where the roof will not cave in on them, such as a small (lockable) shed outside—use a combination lock, lest you forget the key in the house.

As a side note, I have experienced three earth quakes. Two in Switzerland and one in California. None of them were more than a small tremor that lasted a couple of seconds—most of that time I did not spend running out of the house but trying to determine what was going on.

Originally posted 2009-07-21 10:05:34.