This week I overdosed on novocain at the dentist and almost passed out, reached my threshold for turning into a business, and scored 4 goals in a pick up game (personal record). Other than that it was a fairly uneventful week.

I bookmarked the following links:

  • Turbotax 2007 premier contest – Generation X Finance has a contest going. Hurry up! I’m still torn between H&R Block, etc, finding a CPA, and using software. This year I have two states, relocation deductions, some hairy option assignments, and worst of all defaulted prosper loans to deal with.
  • Debt is slavery – This is the book I was planning to write, but someone beat me to it. Millionaire Mommy Next Door provides a great summary.
  • Modern day bartering to save money – I like this idea. I really like it. I think often we are so used to getting what we need from the market that we do not consider bartering.
  • Yield to life – I’ve had my share of incompetent SUV 5’3″ drivers who can barely see over their side door pull out right in front of me as well as car drivers who haven’t realized that a bicycle can easily go 25 mph. If you drive a car please check out this site!
  • Jung typology and finance – I vs E – A statistically significant number of pf bloggers are masterminds (INTJs). Why is that? Starting with the I/E dimension, I will be interested to hear what Flexo has to say about the other three.
  • We’ve forgotten how to fix things – Not only that, somethings are built so they can’t be fixed. Even worse, we regularly use things whose inner function we are absolutely clueless about. Technology has become the new magic.

This week I participated in the following carnivals.