Did gas check. We have a gauge. I have to find out of if this comes standard or if it it reliable. Needless to say, it failed the gas check. This is possible because I do not know how to switch of the pilot lights in the gas heater, furnace or fridge or if they indeed have pilot lights. However, both the dealer and the mechanic did a gas check before we took delivery, so I think we are good anyway. Either that of we’ll go out in flames (I’d rather be ashes than dust – Jack London). I think I feel much like the older generations do when it comes to computers. They always ask me “but how do you know where to find that function?” Answer: “Well, it just seems natural to me that there should be a utility like that and that it would probably be in that general area”. Well, nothing seems natural here. I tell you, regular home owners live a very protected, that is from the knowledge of the operation of their appliances, life. We had our walk through scheduled around 1pm. We did not make it. I was cleaning. DW was packing and throwing out stuff. We must have made 20+ runs between the house and the RV. Things were piling up outside. Are we beginning to look like trailer trash. Bad form. Tried lighting the stove. I could smell gas around the LP tank when I opened the valve (is that normal?) and we can manually light the stove. Couldn’t get the damn pilot light on and I simply can’t find the pilot light for the oven. It’s not like a computer. Also the plumbing compartment is leaking as the maintenance guy noted when he came over with the sewer connector adapter — turns out that this place was built in 1944 (old army barracks?) and it’s not standard. So now we have electricity, generator (in case of an earth quake, we will have the power, yo!), satelitte, running (cold) water, a place to take a dump (but nowhere to dump it yet), and a shower. The shower drain seems to be clogged. The fridge/freezer does not work, so our food is slowly going and has to be eaten soon. Also the dog freaks out every time we leave him in the RV. I go to bed not being able to sleep very well. Stressed out having feelings of being a bad provider or some similar atavistic feelings. I feel that the next few days is going to make or break this adventure.