I had today (Monday) off. Last week I noticed that Monday was marked as “spring holiday” on the calendar. It took me a few moments to figure out that this probably meant Easter. Ah, the separation of church and state when taken to the point of confusion.

Thus today was spent much like I imagine retirement would be like. I got up slightly after 8 and then I got on the computer where I fixed up a paper on stress fractures. This took until slightly after noon. Concurrently I was filling out business license forms so I can get paid for that work (and get some nice and juicy schedule C business expense deductions next year, woohoo!). I’m paid by the hour, so I use the timer on my wristwatch to keep time.

Incidentally I’m very sorry that you guys aren’t subjected to advertising on this blog yet, but the income/effort level is yet too low. Not so with the paper editing. I’ve made a grand so far and the month is not over yet, but in order to get paid I have to become a small business despite the red-tape.

I spent almost an hour cleaning the kitchen. It’s my week to do the cooking and I prefer to clean the utensils as I use them rather than piling them up. We have far too many pots and pans considering our laziness.

The mail man arrived somewhat after noon brining two books from paperbackswap.com. I have gotten rid of 4 books so far, and gotten 5 off my amazon wish list including the two that arrived today. I think the paperback traffic will slow down from now on though. It seems that the site holds a lot of books that nobody wants, so as long as fresh blood is not being contributed, the other books don’t tend to move.

Now I think I’ll go out in the garden and read some books (it’s 65F+ out there today) on how to establish a business in CA. I have thought of getting an accountant, but I should read them anyway to at least be able to ask the right questions.

Later I might lure DW over to the library unless she claims decrepidity from yesterday’s short (to me) bike ride. Sunday we went on an 18M trip in the back hills along the route I usually do during my lunch break. DW was stoked and surprised to break her previous distance record. I was not, I think she underestimates her physical capability. Next week I’ll see if I can drag her onto a longer but flatter trip (30M). I got my eyes on a century (100M) early May and I hope DW will go along and do a 50K.

I’m lazy, so think we’ll have leftovers today. I can always start cooking tomorrow.

Okay enough of this. I promise that Wednesday’s post will have more substance.

Originally posted 2008-03-25 07:07:55.