I would like to thank my commenters for harassing me about getting a library card every time I have been ranting about swapping books or otherwise buying them used as a way of saving money. While this does indeed save money, it does not beat free. The same goes for DVDs. While the library or even interlibrary does not have the same selection as amazon or netflix they do have most of it. I can order and renew loans online and walk over to the local branch in less than 10 minutes, so I have been a frequent customer over at the local branch. Actually, they now know me by name over there and greet me like a Tokyo restaurant (“Hellooooo Mr. #####, so how many books are you picking up today?”) which is getting kind of embarrassing along with the 15-20 checked out books I continuously carry. Oh well 😀

So if you haven’t gotten a library card yet due to general procrastination, try it out.