Today’s episode of The Survival Podcast discusses consumerism and how companies are intentionally designing products to be faddish and break down in order to maximize profit. He also mentions the ERE book in the beginning.

For those who are coming over from from the podcast, let me say that the kind of everyday-survivalism Jack talks about and ERE has a lot in common. If you have a wide array of self-reliant skills and have chosen to live debt-free (no bills, no car payments, no mortgage or rent <15% of your income) you could be in a position of saving a lot of your income. If you ignore the standard advice to save 10-15% of your income in your 401k (this figure is based on people working until they're 65 and rather optimistic stock market returns which I don't think we can count on for the next 10-20 years), and instead save 50% of your income by relying more on yourself than walmart for your needs, you could retire at 40-50 years old---presuming you're 25 and start with nothing. If you save 75% you could retire, that is, have the option to no longer work for a living, within a decade. See more in the menu bar above: About ERE, Frequently Asked Questions, etc.