I’m turning into a bad blogger. You’re probably thinking that I’m spending all my time writing Howto articles (as of today: 1510 views and $0.00 earnings), but I spent the whole day fixing a Scwinn road bike for the shelter which included truing the rear wheel and improvising a pie plate. It will be good to get that out of my yard as it is starting to resemble a redneck yard, only with broken bikes instead of broken cars.

Yesterday I bought a Mongoose Fuzz BMX fixer-upper with the typical problems—I reserve the right to use typical now that I have had my hands on a total of TWO BMX bikes—namely weak gyro front brake, messed up grips, and what’s typical for bikes that have spent too much time outside: grinding wheel hubs. It’s a nice bike and I think I’m going to keep it for myself 🙂

I borrowed some cone wrenches (half a year ago I had no idea what a cone wrench was) from my connection at the shelter. Turns out he owns a boat and so he invited me to come and sail. Nice! Now I just need to get that life vest, excuse me, personal floatation device, I’m thinking this one.

In any case, if you ask me whether I’m bored, here close to the 6 month mark of retiring from my career, the answer is no. If you ask me whether I’m unfulfilled or find that I now live a meaningless existence now that I no longer go to work 9-5, the answer is still no. However, if you now ask me where I see myself in 5 or 10 years, I no longer have any idea; a career enforces a narrow direction that defines much of who one is (despite my resistance to be labeled), and this is no longer the case and that is something I’m still “struggling” with in the sense that I do not have a good answer.