Wow, I almost managed to post every day last week. Maybe taking a break from the blogosphere and reading a lot of books helped. One book I particularly enjoy(ed) is The Last American Man, which I think readers would enjoy.

Saturday, DW and I went to an RV show and checked out the goods. The “as much as you can afford” answer to the question “so how much does it cost” was certainly applicable. I have been looking into class C vehicles (somehow a “bus” feels too big for me) on craigslist and I have found several appealing models.

I think we’re basically looking for a class C around 27′ — that way we get the rear bed room. Even I have to admit that sleeping above the driver’s seat might get a bit tiresome. Some more good news is that I’m no longer afraid of slide-outs, which I in my usual “what can go wrong will go wrong”-approach to life was initially somewhat suspicious about. Even better news: DW did not seem resistive at all, except when we started pushing 23′. The cost? Well, the salesman, who incidentally immediately showed up in a golf cart as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, started us out in the 50-70k range. I didn’t say anything at that time. Then, there was the inevitable “we offer great financing”-“Can I get a discount if I pay in cash” exchange. Turns out that there was no discount to be had, hmm?! Finally, he dragged my price range out of me: $20k upper limit! Well, maybe we could go back to headquarters for that, because they didn’t have any units that cheap at the show.

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