We tend to buy in bulk and stuff the surplus around the house. In particular, we buy big bags of toilet paper. This has become a problem now that we are scheduled to move into the RV in little more than a month from now. See, our regular toilet paper does not work in the holding tank. It does not dissolve.

My first instinct was to give it away on freecycle: “I got 50 rolls of toilet paper if anyone wants them. They are not very used 😀 “. Then I remembered, that when I was a kid and got a cold, we sometimes used toilet paper to blow our noses instead of handkerchiefs. Personally I prefer handkerchiefs to kleenex because kleenex and the likes fall apart when I blow my noses and if I have a cold I don’t like to carry snot and wet paper around in my hand until I find somewhere to dispose of it. However, many people, including DW, has been trained to like them under the slogan of “Don’t carry a cold around in your pocket”. I prefer my pocket to my hand. After all, snot from my hand gets on other surfaces where they are picked up and transferred to other people, whereas snot in my pocket stays where it is. But I digress.

My point is that I’m keeping the toilet paper for kleenex purposes.

Originally posted 2008-08-23 09:23:24.