I few days ago I started filling a donation bag (the pink one in the picture below) with my old roller skates, a chocolate maker, a book, and a vest. After I wrote a post about it, a few people got inspired (see the comments in the aforementioned post) and donated something too. DW might have been reading along as well because much to my joy I found this collection when I got home today.
There was a big bag of romance novels, a box with some crafts stuff, xmas decorations, and a small food processor that we never use. There’s a pair of cowboy boots and a radio controlled car. There’s also what appears to be a small child with a duck tail haircut and big blue ears in one of the bags. No cause for alarm! That is my old Stitch doll (I relate to Stitch!) which I got at a yard sale. The big black 45 lbs clubbell stays though. Now this got me thinking. Should I start cataloguing this in order to get some tax deductions? Is it worth it?(I guess this would fetch $20-30 in a yard sale).