A reader suggested that maybe it would be a good idea to start an online frugal dating site.

What should such a site look like?

Obviously, it would have all the normal stats like age, gender, general location, education, religion, body shape, personality type, etc. What would make it a frugal dating site would be a more detailed focus on frugality. Hence, I have been raking my brain as to how this should be quantified to be clickable in a few easy boxes.

  • Current level of frugality: This could be ranked from 1 (novice) to 5 (expert) with 3 (intermediate) in the middle. Novice would be knowing nothing but willing to learn. Intermediate is cooking from scratch. Expert could be defined by this and beyond.
  • Desired level of frugality: Maybe you already know that you will never be saving gift wrapping paper and maybe you know that you will never sink to the level of clipping coupons when you already know how to make your own lye out of ashes.
  • Living arrangements: Mansion, house, apartment, boat, … click the boxes for what you would be willing to live in.
  • Alternative transportation: Car, shared car, zip car, motorcycle, bicycle (>8 miles), bicycle (<8 miles), shoes, ... click the boxes for how you would be willing to get around.
  • Stuff: New or used? From 1 to 5, where 1 is never used and 5 is everything used. (I would be a 4).
  • Motivation: Click the boxes for what drives you towards frugality. Finance, job freedom, avoiding waste, environmentalism, early retirement, travel, …
  • Hours worked per week. This is more relevant to frugality than level of income.
  • Long list of frugal things you have done: Freecycling, swapping, bartering, bodging, building your own house, … It would be hard to come up with such a list, but it would be interesting.

What would you like to see on such a site?

Originally posted 2009-11-30 11:52:06.