I think my eyesight is improving. It’s only anecdotal, but lately (since adding green food to my diet) I seem to have needed to squint less to read the small print on billboards and the like.

Like most other people in the developed world I have essentially sacrificed my eyesight as my eyes have adapted to constantly focus on a screen, a book, a piece of paper, or a tool about 2 feet in front of me over more than two decades. I have however put off getting glasses out of fear that correcting the symptoms will trigger a runaway of the underlying problem and result in my needing steadily stronger prescriptions

Aside from physiological changes based on external (lifestyle) constraints there could theoretically also be a chemical problem from the lack of micronutrients governed by Liebig’s law.I suspect this may be the case given my crappy Western diet (which by Western standards is actually pretty good). This makes me wonder what else I can fix by merely eating right viz. eating more or less like a chimpanzee viz. eating according to what is genetically reasonable rather than what is culturally determined(*).

When in doubt, follow nature.

(*) Three meals a day: Industrial three shift day. Six meals a day: Modern bodybuilding and fitness. Meat/milk: Starvation insurance for marginal lands (the reason only mostly Northern Europeans tolerate lactose). Grain/cereal: a more than 10000 year old invention of producing energy rich food in exchange for mobility risks and decreased flexibility.

I am about to reduce my meat/milk consumption to about once a month or less or nothing at all (again). I think it makes sense, and I know I will like the benefits of doing so more than I will miss the traditions of my current diet.

Health and long life. The latter is irrelevant without the former.