I’m currently going through the book again trying to build an index. A couple of days ago, I finished the copyright page (“Pirates will be drawn and quartered” and “If you’re doing stupid things, it’s not my fault” or something to that effect). I also put in all the fancy things like a half-title page although I still need to build a title page. I also have a good idea for the front cover. Of course that leaves the back cover.

One of the worst jobs, though, is trying to summarize the book in 380 words or less for the sales blurb (what you see under book description when you try to buy the book). I have spent a day on this already and so far I am no closer. ARGH! I have been trying to get inspired by the alexa reviews, because I think they aptly summarize the blog which incidentally also summarizes the book to a great extent, but I haven’t cracked it yet.