Jake7: Is it possible to run a mile in under 4 minutes?

TruckerJohn: Haha, you are dreaming. You need at least 15 minutes to run a mile.

Runnergirl: That’s not true. A 6 minute mile is a decent number for someone who runs on a regular basis.

Tacho500: Yes it is possible. This man did it and many others.

TruckerJohn: @Runnergirl – That hardly sounds comfortable. How do you have time to hydrate when you only have 6 minutes?

Runnergirl: You don’t need to hydrate for that short a period of time, you just run.

TheSun: I have been running for a few years and I run a mile in 8 minutes, but running a 4 minute mile seems pretty hard to me.

Runnergirl: @TheSun If you do more interval training, I am sure you will get your speed up there.

TruckerJohn: I don’t know about you guys, but I want to move comfortably and I need at least 20 minutes to run a mile and that includes a rest break.

Bill: I can run a 5 minute mile and it is very comfortable. I basically run 6 times a week and usually run 4 miles each day at a 6 minute pace.

TheSun: How long have you been doing that Bill?

Bill: A couple of years. I used to be a couch potato.

TruckerJohn: @Bill I am not a couch potato but I don’t see how a regular guy can run at anything under 15. Sure it is possible if you run downhill, but we got to consider things like hydration. Also, one would be in pain for days. Running that fast is just not healthy.

Runnergirl: Any runner with just a little experience can run a mile in under 10 minutes.

Silverado: It is definitely not possible to run that fast, and besides, who wants to run when you can drive.

(Inspired by a true discussion.)

Somehow this reminds me of something else …

Originally posted 2010-01-23 20:46:56.