I’m making a page on the blog with everything that pertains to the book. Meanwhile, I figured I’d enlighten you on the process of getting the book into your hands. Here we go.

  1. Write the book (the easy part).
  2. Reread, edit (DW&I), and format to something readable to order a print copy to see how it will look.
  3. Pick title.
  4. Fix fonts, etc. for printer/publisher.
  5. Write back cover text and online store text.
  6. Get format approval.
  7. Order proof.
  8. Wait for proof to arrive.
  9. Outsource coverdesign.
  10. Outsource editing.
  11. Cover design done.
  12. Mail proof to editor.
  13. Editor copy-edits, etc.
  14. Mail edited text back to me.
  15. Add in edits. Reformat the book. Print it out.
  16. Mail prints back to editor for final check.
  17. Editor picks words to index and does final check.
  18. Mails/emails revisions back.
  19. Input revisions and code the index.
  20. Third reformat. The page count is now known.
  21. Coverdesigner adjusts template for revised spine width and sends cover to me.
  22. Printer approves cover + interior.
  23. Order second proof.
  24. Wait for proof to arrive.
  25. Approve proof.
  26. Book is for sale at printer.
  27. Book is for sale at amazon.
  28. Set up kindle version.
  29. Book is for sale via kindle.

Of course, sometimes there is a need to go back and redo some steps. For example, maybe there’s a problem with the final proof and I have to go in and reformat, reorder, and reapprove.

Note that I’m not holding off for a coordinated launch. One day, the book will be for sale. I expect it to take 1-2 days between it being available directly from the printer and getting onto amazon and the extended channels (e.g. requesting it from your local book store).

Originally posted 2010-08-13 12:19:51.