Plonkee presents the carnival of personal finance: photo quiz edition. For me the most useful contribution was A Frugal Person’s Guide to Fair Tax. Fair tax is a 28% consumption or sales tax with credits an deductions being designed to make people that live at the poverty level pay zero taxes. For those of us that know almost everything there is to know about living very well on less than $10k per year, this would be a godsend. However, even if the fair tax doesn’t make it, there is still a strategy that would accomplish the same thing. It’s called, “owning a lot of assets, having capital gains only, and keeping expenses below $15k/year”, sounds familiar? 😉

Frugal For Life presented Festival of Frugality Week 108: Quotable Edition. Living well on the minimum wage is a popular subject around here and it was discussed further by The Great Money Challenge in More on how to how on minimum wage. This topic made it to MSN moneycentral as well.

The Carnival of Everything Finance: # 11 Edition included a post about how to
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. Being an introvert I’m much better in writing than in video, but for those for whom writing is harder, “blogging” by video might be a good alternative. It is always best if you do something that you would or could do even if you weren’t compensated for it and test the waters before you commit. For instance, this is my third attempt at a serious blog. The first two failed because I simply did not have enough material to put forth a serious effort. Therefore I always recommend moving into new “positions” slowly.