If words are corrupt, thinking is corrupted too. Hence, if you can change the meaning of an original word, you can change the way men think. I find this double-plus interesting.

Recently, a new term has entered the field of personal finance: Sacrifice.

Originally sacrifice means

  • Giving something up to gain a better position. For instance, a chess piece can be sacrificed for a better position that leads to later material gain.

However, lately sacrifice has come to mean

  • Giving something up. Period.

This has cut the original point of sacrificing out of the equation and thus the average man is now giving things up with no particular plan of gains. This is excusable during shock events like job loss when spending is cut. Yet, if this new meaning of sacrifice becomes adopted, the thought that a better position is obtainable by sacrificing consumption is eliminated.

Originally posted 2009-06-29 00:08:56.