The first two weeks of the makeover covered the most important aspects of the ERE strategy. Out of those 14 items, the most important are housing (day 1), transportation (day 7), and food (day 3). Ignoring those and focusing on the rest will only bring about cosmetic changes.

In fact, if I were to create a quiz, and actually I am, housing would be worth 30 points, transportation would be worth 20 points, food 10 points and the other 11 subjects about 4-5 points each.

You can grade yourself: 90 points scores an A, 70 a B, 50 a C, 30 a D and 10 an F.

Day 1: Finding a place to live
Day 2: Decluttering and managing stuff
Day 3: Grocery shopping
Day 4: Drop the cell phone plan
Day 5: Find a free hobby
Day 6: Clothes
Day 7: Going car free
Day 8: Get engaged!
Day 9: Budgeting
Day 10: Calculating net worth
Day 11: Connecting your stuff with your neighbors
Day 12: Establishing a savings account
Day 13: Insurance
Day 14: Investing for early retirement – Part 1

So let me ask my favorite question: “How well do you think you’re doing sofar?”

My second most favorite question is “if you were a tree, which kind of tree would you be”. It has no bearing on this subject or any subject at all for that matter, but feel free to answer it anyway for extra credit 😀