I have written a few words about my experience moving into the RV so I’m posting them whenever we get to the library (still no internet).

Spent all day moving. I had moved my couple of boxes last week. The only thing remaining was , therefore, mostly DW’s stuff (), so I could not do much in terms of packing. We are moving 3 miles, so that entailed lots of driving back and forth with the compact car jammed full. We have a small metal shed on the ground (one of those you buy for a couple of hundred) and managed to pack it reasonably so the bikes can still get in and out.
We also got LP gas and drove the RV over to the new spot and parked it. This time it went very smooth. Last time it nearly resulted in a divorce (exaggerated for dramatic effect) with me running around the RV using big arm signals. This time I walked outside next to the window of the driver (DW) telling her which angle to put the wheels in and whether to go back and forth and how far. The Dish guys showed up later and being total drones they wanted to install the dish like on a house complete with nailing the cable to the outside of the RV. I told them to just run it through the window for now and I would set it up later. Maybe there was a language barrier but I got more and more agitated, so they finally called their supervisor and were allowed to run it through the window. I think cable is more trouble than it’s worth suggesting we get netflix or just use the library and watch it on our computers, but cable is DW’s life blood or something, so I’ll figure it out.
Collapsed on the bed around midnight. People had instructions to use as little water as possible and preferably not use the toilet since we did not have sewer hooked up as our connector did not fit. We have not transfered the food yet. I have been trying to eat it up given that we do not know whether any of the appliances work since we bought it “as is” (switch and bait from the dealer, thank you). Note to others: Do do a test run. We had planned it but were not serious enough.