I need to fix a metal futon frame. It will require something better than duct tape and superglue. Any ideas? It needs to be “simple”, that is, not require a $500 welding machine to fix what is probably a $50 frame. Solder and blowtorch?

Broken frame

As you can see from the fuzzy picture, the thin wire has broken off of the frame. There are at least 10 such instances.

Jacob comments: I’m “fixing” it for the Dojo. This may either mean getting a new used frame, which I know I can do for $20 (although that would be a resource waste) or fixing it for less in terms of material or service costs. I do not mind ending up with some welding equipment (only I can’t afford $500 right now—well, technically I can, but …you know)as long as the material costs are less than $20—welding is number 3 on my list.