I read a very good description of the development of the INTJ personality type somewhere. According to that description, after the intellectualizing and systems building matures, the INTJ will take to developing the sensory side.

Maybe that’s where I’m at. After neglecting my body for many years, seeing it as a vessel for freighting my all powerful—yeah sure—brain around, I became somewhat of a sports nerd. This is also called a jock. This year I have been selling off books, DVDs, and CDs; and replacing them with tools. My Stellar Structure and Evolution book has been replaced with Park’s Big Blue Book and the laptop now sits next to a toolbox—I notice I’m still learning from books though—and I find myself thoroughly enjoying the so-called “blue collar work” that some go to college to avoid(*).

Maybe I have entered the second half of flowers for algernon, maybe I’m just mellowing out, or maybe I’m pushing the next frontier of personal development. According to the aforementioned document, this is just a phase, and once it’s over, I’ll start exploring my emotional side, yikes! 😉

(*) I think at that time, when I was 18, I was somewhat of an academic snob myself. Academic studies were “better” than non-academic studies, and some sciences were clearly more “manly” than others. It is really quite sad to look back on.

Anyway, no further laboring today: I’m going sailing.