Fun fact: According to, which is a widely used site for tracking web usage, has more web traffic than the, (Nancy Pelosi’s website), (website tracking where the stimulus money gets spent),, …

You can compare’s number (~69000) to a long list of other government sites.

If you want to compare them to another pf blogger instead of this blog, you can find their alexa ranking on wisebread’s list.

My operation costs abut $100 a year in hosting fees. I am one person and the occasional guest poster. I think it is safe to assume that any of the above organizations employ substantially more people and spend substantially more money as well.

While the only function of my “operation” is having a web presence, it is nevertheless interesting, that more people will be reading this post because it is posted here than if it was posted on any of the sites above.

On the other hand, more people probably listen to Lady Gaga than the President, so …

Originally posted 2010-05-11 18:54:11.