Seasoned readers know that after publishing the ERE book, I have moved away from blogging and more towards longer essays (see Idler #44New Escapologist #5, and Interesting Times Magazine #7). I find it more efficient to write longer pieces and I find the forums to be a better way to interact with people than blogging and emails.

I am currently working on no less than three different book projects. I don’t write in a professional sense of churning out N words per week. I find this to be uninspirational and I can’t do it. Instead I typically write furiously whenever ideas strike. The more projects I have the greater the likelihood that I can write on one of them.

The three projects are

  1. WORKBOOK: After reading the ERE book, several people called for a book that was easier to read. I also noted a couple of reviews from people for whom the ERE book was too complicated to understand. I have also noticed that some of the savings awareness that many of us take for granted (“Simply don’t spend money on crap”) is better implemented through an elaborate budget system for others. In short I started collecting personal finance tricks based on reader feedback that has been demonstrated to be helpful. Then I started writing … and found that the book started looking more and more like a run-of-the-mill personal finance book.
  2. INVBOOK: Many have called for a book on investing. There are two problems with this. First, I’m definitely no expert on investing. In comparison, personal finance is trivial and anyone can become an expert within a few months because there’s so little to learn. Investing is a much larger and more complicated area. Second, investing is a lot like religion with its dogma and beliefs. I can pretty much guarantee that 50% of you will disagree with any specific advice. On the other hand, maybe an investing book in the same style as the ERE book would work: “Here’s how it works, now go build your own plan”. Of course, once again this would leave the “I don’t get it, just tell me what to do”-crowd in the dust.
  3. EthicsBOOK: Okay, this is the grand magnum opus. A theory of everything trying to solve all the worlds problems by essentially developing a new morality. This may be too ambitious.

Of the three, WORKBOOK has seen the most work and INVBOOK has seen the second most. I’m currently working on INVBOOK. INVBOOK has a good outline/disposition which I find to be 1/3 of the work. It still requires research and writing. Conversely, WORKBOOK has the content but it has no coherent structure—it’s just hard to tie together into a theoretical framework without making it unappealing to those who don’t like “theoretical frameworks”. EthicsBOOK is just a collection of notes.

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