I would actually much prefer to gain my income directly from housing (or my own business) rather than the stock market (REIT’s being a decent compromise). So far I have thought of buying an N-plex and living in one of the units. However, I just found out that it is possible to buy mobile home and/or RV parks.

The price range runs from a few hundred k (which is my kind of money) to several million bucks which I’ll reserve for another lifetime or at least another decade.

I could absolutely envision buying an RV-park and tailoring it towards tiny houses; most likely on wheels, but a mixed park could allow tiny houses built on larger trailers like mobile homes—I haven’t seen any designs of the latter kind.

Furthermore, I think it would be possible for the owner’s to build the tiny house on site and have lots of help once we reached critical mass. I would certainly learn how to build them.

The only thing I don’t know is whether tiny house owners would prefer to reside in someone’s backyard or on a plot of land or whether they would prefer to be in a park with other tiny house dwellers?

I also wonder whether one can put any limits against 40′ diesel pushers? Also, where to locate it. Everything can’t be in Portland, Oregon 😛 .

I’d reserve space for garden plots and plant trees (not pine!!) on the south side of the sites to shade the houses in the summer. We’d have a dog park. I wonder what else could be done.

Originally posted 2009-07-07 00:02:24.