Welcome to new and old readers. Here’s a summary of the posts that I wrote which I personally think are the most useful.

Useful tools

Two useful tools to estimate how much money you need to become financially independent.

  • What is your number? – a useful way to estimate your average cost of living over the course of a few weeks.
  • The true cost of coffee addiction – in retrospect I should have used another title. Use this information in conjunction with the calculation above to estimate your retirement needs.

Economics and philosophy

Trite as it sounds it is important to think correctly as well.

The sunscreen trilogy

Personal finance karaoke!

I look forward to another month. I am interested in knowing if there is anything in particular anyone wants me to discuss. Please leave a comment and tell me or send an email to “my first name” (hint: it’s five letters and begins with J) at earlyretirementextreme.com