I just saw a comment on another site that ERExtreme is really a minimalist blog claiming to be a personal finance blog. This is probably true. I have not been writing much about personal finance, since for me it is mostly a solved problem. Live in a consumer culture where salaries are high, but defy the norm, don’t spend very much, and get wealthy in short order. Naturally this means that consumer-career options such as 529, 401k, credit cards, snowballs and flakes, become less relevant as these are all designed with endless workweeks in mind. Thus in this blog I talk about how to get off the treadmill and what to do once you’re off, that is, if you are interested; when it comes down to it, many people prefer the comfortable and predictable misery of their day jobs (I know some of you claim that you love your jobs -good for you :- ) ).

If you’re new here, here are mt favorite posts for March. Here’s my favorite pots for February.

This month’s stuff budget

  • Incoming: 20+ pounds
  • Outgoing: 6 pounds

All books. The outgoing books comprise one sale on amazon and 5 paperbackswap outgoings. The incoming is mostly due to a box of cookbooks I got on freecycle. Consequently, this month I increased my footprint. Buh!