Following the previous post on grocery shopping, I get the impression that a lot of people have some very frugal recipes. I would like to collect more recipes here, so if you post a recipe below in your favorite recipe style, whether detailed or “intuitive”, I will move it up into the main post, giving you proper credit of course, if I think it can be replicated and stays with the $50-75 month budget.

Seth Miller says:

My brother got me hooked on black bean burritos (he eats them pretty much every night for dinner). I think even with a little cheese and sour cream they are still under 2 dollars per person.
I cook the beans with some onion and top it with whatever green was on sale (lettuce, spinach, kale)

Harold recommends:

This cooking recipe I use everyday. Buy some frozen fish any kind at walmart will cost around $2.70/Ib., one bag has about 2 pound contain 7-8 pieces of fish. So it cost per piece less than a dollar. And marinade with follow ingredients of 10 minutes;

2 teaspoon dry sage, 2 tablespoon dry parsley, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoon of oil, 1 tablespoon of lemon. All of these ingredient combined should not cost more than a dollar.

Then grill or pan fry your fish until it done.

Farmwife offers this recipe:

Quick, easy and cheap –

Potatoes — dice (peeled or not) Fry them up and then crack eggs (however many you want) over the top, mix and cook till done.

You can eat this plain, with salsa, ketchup, ranch dressing, sour cream, and/or rolled up in a tortilla.

trickstar presents:

One of my favourite :
Brown lentils cooked with a tin of chopped tomatoes (use enough lentils to soak up all the liquid) garlic and onion (these are optional extras) and some pickled jalopeno peppers, I also like to add some liquid from the peppers. Simmer until the lentils are fully cooked. I usually can’t wait that long. And if there are left overs (unlikely) I enjoy it on bread with avocado.

I don’t have exact measurements as I just throw it in a pan as a quick meal.

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