It turns out to be simple; no need to download or install anything. Just click on the link to take you to amazon. Then look to the right for the “Kindle edition. Read FIRST chapter free”. Click on that button and it’ll pop up an online reader. It’s not very pretty, but it works and it actually give you a bit more than chapter 1.

There are a couple of reviews on amazon now.

Enjoy! Obviously after being blown away by the prose, you should then proceed and buy it 😎 If in doubt, here’s my best effort at writing a promotional landing page. This will surely convince you to get it if you haven’t already. Another way to get it would be to hassle your local library. They often have online forms you can fill out and request new books. All you need is the title, the author, and the ISBN (978 1453601211)

There’s still no sign of it on amazon.”international” (other than the kindle version, which you get can on and ca). We have anecdotal evidence that standard shipping from the publisher takes 10 days to make it to Europe. This is about the same time as the publisher’s deadline to get to, so at this point, it’s probably a wash.

See here for more details on international/expanded distribution. The time line is “up to 6 weeks”. I had the three weeks set in my mind because I read it in the createspace forums that one had managed to do it in three weeks. One solution for the international people is to head down to your book store and ask them what it would cost to for them to get it for you. The ISBN is 978 1453601211.

In other news, if you do have a kindle (or one of the free kindle reader apps), L_ told me about a site which lists free e-books from time to time. Of special interest may be Trent’s book from The Simple Dollar. I sincerely hope that this is part of the publisher’s promotional strategy and not amazon’s dropping prices. If this happened to my kindle book, I would get exactly $0.00 out of the deal (I get a fixed percentage of the sales price and a fixed percentage of zero is zero) and lose a lot of future sales.

Also, today there’s an article about me in Canadian Business Online.