With increasing costs of living in the United States, many [Americans] are looking to retiring abroad. I have lived in 3 countries and based on my experience of setting up base in a new country, the most important things are: First, learn the language fluently, second, respect the local culture (especially if you don’t understand it), and third, adopt some of the local culture to avoid feeling left out.

Very likely, anyone interested will already have adopted some of the culture already. After all, this should be the main reason for living somewhere in my opinion. Respect should be taken for granted, but for anyone with tendencies to inconsiderate/oblivious behavior(*), pay extra attention abroad. The language is crucial! Even though most of the world speaks English, you will never make the same connections to the locals as you would in their native language. in particular, some jokes can’t be translated!

(*) If you don’t know if that pertains to you, it probably does 😉

Well, that’s my two cents. Here is a nice thread discussion offshore retirement in greater detail than I can.

Originally posted 2009-11-11 10:29:19.