Great success! I asked the big question and DW finally accepted. “Should we walk down to Walmart”, I asked and she said yes. We were walking down there to get some red vines, which in case you don’t know them are molasses, flour and corn syrup with taste and color. On the way we saw one other pedestrian (Yay!) and one Hummer (Oh Burn!). I’m going to start counting the Hummer/Pedestrian ratio and use it as a gas price indicator.

Afterwards we carried out our second successful BBQ. We got the charcoal grill (freecycled) out, and doused the coal (had to buy a new bag, ran out of free stuff) with starter fluid (freecycled) and got the coals going. We got some corn on the cobs. I hate corn on the cobs – except when they’re on sale. DW loves them. So I ate one and then switched to hotdogs, which in case you don’t know them are mashed spleens, brains, face flesh, etc. possibly from dogs? All in all this was fairly inexpensive but also, and I would like to state this for the record, romantic! 😀

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