According to feedburner, there are now more than 500 people who regularly read my staggering thoughts of genius what I write. I don’t know exactly how feedburner counts, but in the past few days the subscriber number has really taken off adding over 100 new subscribers in a week. I don’t know why, because I’m not monitoring of google stats and sitemeter anymore. Did I get stumbled or featured somewhere?
While not quite akin to the population of a midsize city like some of the most popular pf blogs, 500 is still a huge number to me. To put it in perspective, the largest amount of people I have ever given a presentation to is about 300. That’s a huge room full of tables, chairs, and people, where the back row is so far away that I can not recognize people’s faces. A 101 lecture at a large university [in my field] is about 200 people. A decent talk attracts about 60 people. Incidentally, 500 is also the sociologically established limit for how many people an individual can know, so sorry if I don’t recognize some of you guys anymore 😉

This week I tried predicting the future. Anyone want to predict my future? I’ve had some new ideas this week and I might post some hints next week. I also discussed how to be “original”. I used this method to come up with some approaches to minimalism.

This week’s carnivals