Today we’re going to one of the tax companies to get our state taxes done. Hopefully they will give us a discount since I already did the federal return myself. In 2007 we were apart time resident of two states. The tax consequences of that can be described in one word: PAIN! Mostly the problem is not in filling in forms, but in figuring out which forms to fill. Another reason is the law of comparative advantages. This law is frequently used to justify paying for services like, uh, tax preparation, lawn care, child care, pet care, and all the other forms of care people work for to pursue a “carefree” existence. However, this doesn’t fly logically for salaried positions. Presumably, if I wasn’t working, I would be sitting on my butt earning $0. This is not the case anymore and I think I’m better at cropping figures and coding typesetting that figuring out the tax law jungle.

Moving on.

This week I had a guest post at Canadian Dream: Free at 45. If you think I’m crazy and too far out, Tim has a more moderate approach by essentially adding 10 years to the plan. Go and subscribe!

You might also be interested in the pf blog subscription rankings which My Dollar Plan summarized. Yikes! Is this another race to the top?

Check out this (forwarded to me by Antishay)

Also check out this version of Bohemian Rhapsody which was supposedly written by a guy at Bear Stearns.

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