has turned out to be great for “upgrading” my personal library. I list books I haven’t read for a year and which I can not really imagine reading again. Since books are swapped one-to-one it has turned out to be less great for getting rid of books (and I have a lot of books to get rid of) unless one desires to build up a stash of “credits”.

Certain other books of mine will fetch a hefty sum; I’m thinking of some of the graduate level textbooks that I have never read, but which I bought in case I might read them or in case they went out of print (you can never check these out of the library since it’s always sitting in some guy’s office). The one’s I have never opened are going as well.

Then there’s DW’s giant comic collection (X-men and others) which takes up a LOT of space. We have yet to find a buyer. Maybe J.D. at Get Rich Slowly would be interested – I hear he has a comic book fetish 🙂

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