I usually post these on my facebook page whenever I see them, but I figured I’d share them here as well today.

Tom Hodgkinson wrote an article where I was prominently featured in The Ecologist. I’ll be working on a paper for his magazine for the rest of October. I also saw that someone has started a page—I believe they call them lenses—about ERE on squidoo. (If you’re on squidoo, please give it a thumbs-up.)

There is still no sign of my book on amazon.other-than-com. However, more and more info gets posted to the amazon.com page as servers get updated. I hope to get some reviews soon 😉 Also, the book has now appeared on the personal finance best seller list at #45. For comparison, Get Rich Slowly‘s book is at #2. I guess I have a long way to go before world domination 🙂

Finally, on an unrelated note, I recommend reading What do you need to get out of the rat race and achieve financial freedom @ Invest it wisely. Great article!