Today, I have been busy installing a trickle charger for the chassis battery. It tends to run down, first, because first we tend to keep parked for weeks at a time and second, because it’s probably old and no good anymore.

(I realize that this post is similar to the “this page intentionally left blank” sentence, manuals sometimes sport on “blank” pages.)

I have to mention that I needed a soldering iron to substitute a larger ring terminal for the charger. Rather than buying a soldering iron for $20, I got one for free on freecycle. To keep up the karmic balance, I offered up a splitting wedge and a roof rack. We don’t use the former anymore (no wood stove in this RV) and we’ll probably never get around to using the latter having been able to get both bikes into the car without too much hassle.

Tomorrow we’ll be doing what I probably hate the most about RV living(*). Refilling the propane tank. This involves getting the house in driving condition which mostly means total house cleaning and then unhooking, driving over, and the worst part – backing back in. Okay, it’s not that bad, but it is slightly inconvenient to have to do it every so often. The first tank lasted 5-6 weeks. This one lasted 4 weeks. It’s getting colder.

In other news: I found somewhere to buy 12V LED lights. I’ll be replacing them as the regular bulbs die out.

(*) What I hate the second-most is anything to do with the roof since I don’t like heights. Third-most would probably be messing with the sewer system.