This past week, I have been working on setting up the website of a new non-profit start-up I am part off. We chose to use Joomla. One week ago I did not know any Joomla. I, therefore, figured that maybe, given that I have close to 1000 readers — at least that is what the stats say — yet only “know” about a dozen online and have only met one IRL (Hey A!) that such a large number must mean that I, oh say, have almost a thousand lurkers, which is a huge resource, whence someone was bound to know something about it. Indeed, a few people did and I thank you for your assistance.

So now this got me wondering what else do people know that I don’t(*). I’d like to draw on the collective wisdom. You see, before I die, there are many things I want to do, so my question to my readers is:

  1. Does anyone practice kendo?
  2. Has anyone ever piloted a glide plane?

(*) No snarky comments on that one please 😛 )

Incidentally, reader questions are quite welcome. Solicitations for my “opinion” are even more welcome (I am very opinionated if you hadn’t noticed 😉 ). Send them to jacob at e….com