Yesterday I finally finished the section on lifestyle inflation and consequently I have not been able to write much of anything today (never mind that you’re currently reading evidence to the contrary). I have often experienced this phenomena of being unable to produce anything after a spurt of productivity. It seems that productivity must always be averaged out over time.

I have not found a way to beat this phenomena so I can only assume that I have some individual rate of productivity(*). Given that I have a finite life span, it also means that I have a finite productivity ceiling much in the same way that the total number of heart beats of a mammal is fixed around the order of one billion (humans live twice as long as wild animals according that that law).

(*) This is probably mentally fixed. As far as I understand, it has been shown that new information can not be created without a source of randomness. The amplitude of this randomness along with its latency in the brain potentials are probably highly correlated with creativity, but really … I don’t know about this.

This means that my human life time corresponds to a fixed amount of production. The only question is whether I want to have a say in what this production should comprise.